music ministry

Hope Lutheran Church has a long music tradition and provides many opportunities for those who wish to participate. The Bible commands us to sing and to play instruments literally hundreds of times (e.g. Psalms 96, 150), and our ensembles are part of an attempt to fulfill those commands. Not only are we told to do these things, but the Bible tells us to play skillfully (Psalm 33:3) and to think on things that are lovely, commendable, excellent and praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8). We work hard in every rehearsal to prepare an acceptable and pleasing offering to God as part of being living sacrifices in His service (Romans 12:1). 

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We are blessed to have a beautiful, 5-octave Malmark handbell set. Anyone high school age and up can join the Handbell Choir, and though it is helpful to be able to read music, it is not necessary in order to join. The Handbell Choir plays at festival services throughout the church year, one or two Sunday mornings each month, and has put on wonderful concert programs over the years.

Chancel Choir LogoThe Chancel Choir is also open to everyone, from high school age on up. They provide anthems for the worship services two to three times each month, and help to lead congregational singing - for both hymns and the Lutheran liturgy. The Chancel Choir is also involved in special events and festive worship services throughout the church year.

The Women's Choir rehearses for six weeks following the Christmas season and sings three Sunday mornings. The Men's Choir does the same in late spring. These two choirs provide an opportunity for those who may not be able to make the commitment to sing year-round, but want to lend their voices to the ministry in the church. Also, they provide individuals an opportunity to 'give choir a try' to see if the year-round choir is something in which he/she would like to become more involved. Lastly, they provide venues for hearing a distinct and lovely choir sound for church services on Sunday mornings.

The Hope Lutheran Contemporary Praise and Worship Team provides music for the contemporary worship service held each Sunday at 10:30 am in the Dufendach Center. Consisting of bass, electric and acoustic guitarists, drums, keyboard, and male and female vocals, the band plays contemporary Christian music that is relevant to life today. With a repertoire of nearly 100 praise songs the band provides a wonderful, rhythmic worship base to this informal worship setting. The Praise Band has also traveled to other churches at their request to provide music not only for their contemporary worship settings but also community days and other functions.

Every year, Pentecost and Reformation Sunday provide occasions when the participants /musical ensembles of both worship servics come together to worship God at one service. At Easter and Christmas Eve, we also utilize the talents of the musicians in the Handbell and Chancel Choirs.

Hope draws not only on a rich array of members who play various instruments, but also brings in area musicians to enrich and color the music palette of music offered at worship. If you are interested in serving God through music ministry, please contact the church office at 215-946-3467 and leave a message for Mark Shockey.